65 Amazing Animal Tattoos in 2022

Animal tattoos come in many different styles and designs, so there is something for everyone. Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, there is an animal tattoo out there just for you!

Animal tattoos can be great for anybody. Animal tattoos are widely used around the world with all types of people. Some people use animal tattoos as a way to signify their faith or beliefs. For example, a lion tattoo may mean strength, bravery and pride for the owner. Others use animal tattoos as a symbol of what they like or who they are. For instance, a dog tattoo may mean you are loyal, faithful and trustworthy person.

Animal tattoos can be very deep and meaningful if chosen correctly. Each animal is represented by certain characteristics that make it unique. Animal tattoos can also be whimsical if you choose an animal that you just really like and admire.

Best Animal Tattoos

1. Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo is a very popular choice for women. This is because it represents the butterfly as a creature of beauty, freedom, and nature. Butterfly tattoos can represent beauty, femininity, and nature. The colors can be vibrant or dark depending on your preference. The most common colors used in these designs are orange, yellow, green and blue. You can also add flowers to the design of your butterfly tattoo which gives it a more feminine look.

Butterfly Tattoo

2. Seahorse Tattoo

A seahorse tattoo is a great choice for those who like marine life and have been to the ocean at least once in their lifetime. It can represent freedom, wisdom and beauty. It also has an artistic side that makes you stand out from the crowd when you wear one.

Seahorse Tattoo

3. Hedgehog Tattoo

One of the most popular types of hedgehog tattoos is the skull design with a sword through it. This design is often seen on men’s arms or chests but can also be found on women’s backs. This type of tattoo symbolizes strength and courage which makes it perfect for someone who wants to show off their tough side!

Hedgehog Tattoo

4. Crab Tattoo

The crab is a symbol of hard work, sacrifice, and protection. The crab tattoo may be inked by someone who has been through a tough time and has overcome it. It can also symbolize tenacity, protection, and teamwork.

Crab Tattoo

5. Deer Tattoo

In addition to being one of nature’s most graceful animals, deer are also often seen as symbols of grace and gentleness. Deer tattoo designs can be simple or complex; they might include the entire body of a deer or just its head or antlers.

Deer Tattoo

6. Snake Tattoo

A snake tattoo is an expression of one of the most important things in the world – life. Snakes are symbolic of life itself, as they shed their skin to be born anew and continue living their life. This is also why snakes are often used to represent rebirth and transformation, two very important aspects in one’s life.

Snake Tattoo

7. Puma Tattoo

Puma tattoos are not as popular as lion or tiger tattoos, but they’re definitely worth considering if you like big cats. They’re just as beautiful and majestic as lions, but unlike their larger cousins, they don’t look so ferocious in tattoo form. This is a very cool tattoo that makes good use of color and negative space.

Puma Tattoo

8. Frog Tattoo

Frog tattoos are often overlooked because most people don’t know that frogs have a deep connection to ancient mythology. In some cultures, frogs were considered to be magical creatures that could bring good fortune to their owners. Frogs also symbolize fertility, thanks to their ability to lay thousands of eggs at a time.

Frog Tattoo

9. Lizard Tattoo

The lizard is an animal that is often associated with the supernatural. It has been a part of human culture for ages, and it is believed to have the ability to communicate with people. In many cultures, lizards are often seen as symbols of luck and good fortune. Many people choose lizard tattoo designs for their symbolic value rather than for its aesthetic appeal.

Lizard Tattoo

10. Moose Tattoo

Moose tattoos can symbolize many things because this animal is known to be both powerful and gentle at the same time. They are also considered to be very intelligent creatures as well as being incredibly fast runners. If you want to get a moose tattoo then you should think about what this animal means to you and why it appeals to you so much.

Moose Tattoo

11. Gorilla Tattoo

Gorillas are strong and powerful animals, making them a good symbol of strength. Gorilla tattoos can be done in many different ways, with the gorilla having an angry or peaceful expression.

Gorilla Tattoo

12. Starfish Tattoo

The starfish is usually associated with beach and ocean life. The starfish tattoo has many meanings including creation, good luck, guidance, intuition, inspiration and regeneration. These tattoos are usually done in blue or black ink as these are the natural color of the starfish. This can be varied by adding other colors such as green or yellow to represent different meanings.

Starfish Tattoo

13. Crocodiles Tattoo

These reptiles are considered ancient because they have not changed much over the centuries. They are considered to have a fierce nature and they symbolize protection and safety. Crocodile tattoos have different meanings such as tenacity, survival, motherhood and aggressiveness. They can be tattooed in black or brown ink with their natural skin color or they can be colored in more vibrant colors to give it a more artistic look.

Crocodiles Tattoo

14. Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix tattoos are the most popular of all bird tattoos. The phoenix is a mythological creature that symbolizes rebirth, life and death, or in other words – transformation. In ancient mythology it was believed that the phoenix was a large beautiful bird, capable of rising from its own ashes to live again and again. Today, many people believe that tattoos with phoenixes are a symbol of strength and perseverance.

Phoenix Tattoo

15. Crow Tattoo

Crow tattoos have become very popular within the last few years. This is especially true among the younger generation because they are the ones who associate themselves more with the crow than any other age group. For many people crows symbolize intelligence, fearlessness, honor and courage.

Crow Tattoo

16. Ant Tattoo

Ants are one of the most numerous creatures on earth and can be found in almost every part of our planet – from deserts to rainforests. They are often seen as pests due to their aggressive nature but some species such as ants can also be used as food by humans. Ants have long been considered symbols of hard work ethic and diligence so it’s no wonder why so many people choose to get ant tattoos!

Ant Tattoo

17. Wolf Tattoo

Wolves have long had a reputation as fierce, wild creatures. In Native American culture, wolves are often revered as symbols of protection and strength. They are also often viewed as the spiritual bringers of dreams, which makes them a popular design choice for those looking to add some mystery to their tattoo.

Wolf Tattoo

18. Swallow Tattoo

Swallows have long been associated with sailors and travel. This is because in olden times sailors would track how far they’d traveled by counting the swallows they saw or the amount of time it took for them to see another swallow. Swallows were also seen as good luck charms, so sailors would often get a swallow tattoo done when they set out on their first voyage.

Swallow Tattoo

19. Cat Tattoo

The cat tattoo is one of the most common designs in western culture. It is popular with both men and women because cats have long been associated with beauty, grace and femininity. They also represent loyalty, protection, independence and good luck. Some people get cat tattoos to honor their pets while others choose them because they love cats or want something different from other people’s tattoos.

Cat Tattoo

20. Penguin Tattoo

They are among the most popular birds tattoos and can be portrayed in a variety of different ways. Penguin tattoos can portray the penguin by itself or it may be designed with other animals, symbols, and elements. Penguins are often portrayed swimming or they may be portrayed walking on ice, which is their natural habitat.

Penguin Tattoo

21. Crane Tattoo

The design of a crane tattoo is another form of bird tattoo that is worn by both men and women. The crane tattoo represents wisdom, strength, good fortune, longevity, and luck. The crane is also known as the symbol of peace because cranes mate for life. In Japan, a thousand paper cranes folded together represent hope for peace around the world.

Crane Tattoo

22. Fish Tattoo

Fish symbolize many things, including danger and fertility. Fish are used in many cultures as symbols of wealth, intuition, and perseverance. The fish is a very old symbol that has been used for many centuries in various cultures. There are many different fish designs to choose from including the popular koi fish tattoos. You can have your fish swimming up your arm or have them swimming alone or in a school of other fish.

Fish Tattoo

23. Horse Tattoo

Horses are strong animals that are a common symbol of freedom. The horse tattoo design is a popular choice among women because it is not only beautiful but also powerful. Horses can be designed in a variety of different ways and portrayed with other symbols and elements. It’s common to see horse tattoos portrayed with horseshoes, stars, angels, wings, flowers, hearts, rainbows, and more.

Horse Tattoo

24. Octopus Tattoo

An octopus tattoo is a fairly common design that can be done in black and gray or in full color. An octopus is a unique design because it’s not a common animal that people consider getting tattooed. There are also some different things you can do with an octopus tattoo design such as adding water, bubbles or seaweed to the design.

Octopus Tattoo

25. Swan Tattoo

Swan Tattoos are some of the most elegant and beautiful bird tattoos. The swan is known for its grace and elegance, as well as its purity. They are also known for their loyalty, and will mate for life. Swans can be a great tattoo for someone who wants to communicate their long lasting love and commitment to someone else.

Swan Tattoo

26. Hawk Tattoo

Hawk Tattoos are very popular in the United States, especially among men. They are a symbol of freedom, vision, strength, and a connection to nature. These tattoos can be great for anyone who feels free spirited or adventurous. Hawks also make great tattoos because they can be designed in many different ways.

Hawk Tattoo

27. Dove Tattoo

Dove Tattoos are another type of bird tattoo that is becoming increasingly popular among the general public. Doves often represent peace and a connection to nature due to their former use as carriers between people during war times. Dove tattoos can be used to represent this connection with nature or peace within yourself or with someone else.

Dove Tattoo

28. Lion Tattoo

Lions are a symbol of personal strength and courage. They also represent leadership and power. Wearing a lion tattoo can be a great way to show off your strength, power and leadership qualities.

Lion Tattoo

29. Fox Tattoo

Foxes are associated with trickery, cunning and cleverness. This is why fox tattoos can symbolize creativity, resourcefulness and versatility. People who get fox tattoos often want to show their intuition, quick-wittedness and agility.

Fox Tattoo

30. Monkey Tattoo

Monkeys are symbols of fun, intelligence and playfulness. Monkey tattoo designs can be inked in various styles and they look good in both color and black ink.

Monkey Tattoo

31. Giraffe Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for a small and simple tattoo or something a little more elaborate, it’s hard to go wrong with a giraffe. Giraffes are such beautiful creatures, and they’re so different from any other animal in the world.

Giraffe Tattoo

32. Jaguar Tattoo

The jaguar is one of the most magnificent creatures in the jungle, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become incredibly popular in tattoo art. Jaguars are known for their grace, power and speed. They’re also great hunters and extremely intelligent, which all makes them very popular as tattoo subjects.

Jaguar Tattoo

33. Buffalo Tattoo

There are many animals out there that can be used as tattoos. Most people like to get an animal tattoo because it represents something about themselves or their personality. This can be anything from their favorite animal to just something that looks really cool. Some people even get tattoos of animals because they like how they look.

Buffalo Tattoo

34. Swordfish Tattoo

Swordfish tattoos may remind you of the sea, but fish have been a part of tattoo design for thousands of years. Fish tattoos have a lot of symbolism, and many people get them for their symbolic meaning rather than the image itself. In Christianity, fish symbolize faith, hope, charity, luck and fertility, while in Hinduism it is associated with prosperity and good fortune. In other cultures, fish represent wealth and success.

Swordfish Tattoo

35. Panther Tattoo

Panthers are very powerful and fierce creatures. They are thought to be the most dangerous animals in the world. This is why panther tattoos are such great tattoos. Panther tattoo designs also come in many different styles and you can even mix them up with other tattoo designs.

Panther Tattoo

36. Dog Tattoo

The dog tattoo symbolizes loyalty, fidelity, and unconditional love. These three traits alone make them one of the most popular animals among humans because we all need these in our lives as well. Dogs have always been loyal to us humans and we return the favor by taking care of them.

Dog Tattoo

37. Bear Tattoo

Bear tattoos look great on both men and women. Bear tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways. The bear tattoo is designed to represent strength, power, and leadership. Bear tattoos are popular among athletes and people who are into weightlifting. The bear is also considered a totem animal, so bear tattoos can be designed to represent that as well.

Bear Tattoo

38. Elephant Tattoo

Elephant tattoos are commonly worn by men and women. Elephant tattoos can represent good luck, patience, wisdom and intelligence. The elephant is also considered a symbol of good luck and protection to some cultures as well. Elephant tattoos are very symbolic in nature and the designs include many different symbols or elements with the elephants.

Elephant Tattoo

39. Gazelle Tattoo

Gazelle tattoos have become very popular because they look good on both men and women. Gazelle tattoo designs often include other symbols or elements like paw prints or flowers in the gazelle tattoo design. Gazelle tattoos can represent grace, beauty, speed, power, strength, freedom, swiftness, endurance and victory.

Gazelle Tattoo

40. Moth Tattoo

Moth tattoos are often seen as smaller designs due to the size of the creature. They are often used in conjunction with butterfly designs to show a transformation from one symbol to another. In some cases, an individual may use a moth tattoo to represent a fear of darkness or of being unique.

Moth Tattoo

41. Ladybug Tattoo

Ladybug tattoos are often used by women as they represent good luck and fortune. The ladybug is considered a sign of love and protection in many cultures, so these tattoos may also be used to show this meaning. They can also be combined with flowers or other feminine tattoos for an added effect.

Ladybug Tattoo

42. Goat Tattoo

Goat tattoos can be applied through many different symbols that have varying meanings. Some people choose this tattoo because it represents sexuality and strength, while others use it to show their independence from society. Goats are known for butting heads against each other for dominance; therefore, a goat tattoo can represent power struggles.

Goat Tattoo

43. Zebra Tattoo

A zebra is one of the most recognisable animals in the world, and these are some of the most sought after tattoos. Striking and bold, a zebra tattoo can be designed in various sizes and placed nearly anywhere on the body. While some may think that they are overused, they can actually be quite unique depending on how they are designed.

Zebra Tattoo

44. Panda Tattoo

Pandas are one of the cutest animals around, so it’s no surprise that people would want to get a panda tattoo. These beautiful mammals have become an incredibly popular choice for both men and women over the past few years. While they are certainly adorable, they can also be designed in a variety of different ways to suit your needs.

Panda Tattoo

45. Hummingbird Tattoo

A hummingbird tattoo is often associated with beauty because of this creature’s unique appearance and vibrant colours. In addition to being beautiful, hummingbirds can be designed in a variety of different ways to suit your needs.

Hummingbird Tattoo

46. Flamingo Tattoo

With the pink color and slender legs, the flamingo is a beautiful bird that stands out in a crowd. As such, it’s no surprise that flamingo tattoos have become popular in recent years.

Flamingo Tattoo

47. Rhino Tattoo

Some people really like rhinos for what they represent. For instance, the rhino is a symbol of protection and good luck, which is why many people get this animal tattooed on them. A rhino tattoo can also represent strength, power and endurance. These tattoos are typically done in black ink to make it stand out.

Rhinoceros Tattoo

48. Magpie Tattoo

Magpie tattoos are very popular among women due to their feminine look. They can be done in a variety of different sizes and colors. Magpies are associated with good fortune, so some people get this tattoo to bring them good luck.

Magpie Tattoo

49. Kangaroo Tattoo

The kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia and has been featured in many tattoos. It is a very unique animal that has an interesting body shape and is not easily comparable to any other animal.

Kangaroo Tattoo

50. Mouse Tattoo

Mouse tattoos are not a common choice for guys, but they can be designed in several different ways. The mouse is a symbol of humility, shyness, and timidity. Having this animal on your body may represent an ability to adapt to changing situations in your life.

Mouse Tattoo

51. Hippopotamus Tattoo

The hippopotamus is typically associated with strength and power. This animal is considered one of the largest land mammals and has been portrayed by various cultures throughout history. Hippo tattoos can be inked in a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes.

Hippopotamus Tattoo

52. Turtle Tattoo

Turtle tattoos are often a symbolization of wisdom, endurance, patience, loyalty, stability and longevity. You can also see turtle tattoos that are designed with Hawaiian culture or other cultures in mind.

Turtle Tattoo

53. Peacock Tattoo

Peacock Tattoo Designs are also a popular choice for both men and women. Generally speaking, Peacock Tattoos are worn by people who want to express their individuality and beauty within themselves. Peacocks have long been associated with royalty and nobility – so if you believe that you have a regal nature within you – then this could be an excellent tattoo design choice for you.

Peacock Tattoo

54. Owl Tattoo

Among the most common types of owl tattoos are those that feature owls with other symbols such as hearts or flowers. Some owl tattoo designs portray the owl as a cartoon while others may depict the owl as it actually looks like in real life.

Owl Tattoo

55. Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphins are one of the most popular aquatic animals chosen for a tattoo design. Dolphins belong to the family Delphinidae, under the order Cetacea. They are mammals that have much in common with whales and porpoises. Dolphins use echolocation to find their prey and have a highly developed brain. These characteristics have made dolphins a common subject for tattoos, particularly among men.

Dolphin Tattoo

56. Parrot Tattoo

The parrot is a very popular choice for bird tattoos because of its beautiful colors and distinctive shape. Parrots are also known for their intelligence and ability to mimic human speech. This makes them popular pets, but also means they can be seen as symbols of wisdom or prophecy.

Parrot Tattoo

57. Sparrow Tattoo

The sparrow is an unassuming little bird that has long been associated with love and loyalty. The sparrow is seen as a symbol of happiness because of its sweet song and popularity among gardeners as a friend to flowers. Sparrows are also symbolic of family bonds, since sparrows mate for life and care for.

Sparrow Tattoo

58. Leopard Tattoo

The leopard is a unique tat idea because it is a beautiful animal, but also has some symbolism that may be important to people. The leopard tattoo can represent the traits and attributes of the actual animal, which includes leadership and strength. It can also symbolize a love of nature, or represent a wild and untamed spirit.

Leopard Tattoo

59. Scorpion Tattoo

The scorpion tattoo has many meanings and symbolisms attached to it. In general, it is a symbol of protection from harm. It can also be used as a symbol for warning or danger – as in it will protect itself from anyone who gets too close to it. Scorpions are also nocturnal creatures, which means that they do most of their hunting at night – so this can give the tattoo meaning about someone who likes to sneak around or stay out at night.

Scorpion Tattoo

60. Raven Tattoo

The raven tattoo is a very popular bird tattoo choice for men and women. The raven has several different meanings depending on how the bird is used in the image and what is happening in the image. These birds are most commonly thought of as being dark creatures, which have mysterious connections to death and darkness since they are often seen in large flocks near places where dead bodies lie, such.

Raven Tattoo

61. Hyena Tattoo

The hyenas are usually seen as scavengers but they are also known for their intelligence and communication skills. They are also known for their laughter which is kind of scary to hear. Hyenas are mostly associated with death and darkness but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this animal. They also symbolize humor, strength and survival.

Hyena Tattoo

62. Whale Tattoo

Whales have always been one of the most mysterious animals in the world due to their size, intelligence and their ability to communicate with each other over long distances through sound waves. They are also known for their migration patterns which cover thousands of miles every year which show a great sense of direction in these creatures. Whales symbolize guidance, communication and protection among other things.

Whale Tattoo

63. Bat Tattoo

Bat is an important creature in Chinese culture and its considered good luck if you find a bat around you. People like to have bat images on their cards or clothes for good luck and success. Bat tattoos can look great on your body too. The best way to have a bat tattooed on your body is to have it at the back of your neck or on the upper part of arms. Bat tattoos give you a feeling of power like no other tattoo designs do.

Bat Tattoo

64. Rabbit Tattoo

In China rabbit is the symbol of longevity and fertility because they reproduce very rapidly. Rabbit tattoo designs are very popular among the women because they are cute, pretty and adorable creatures which many girls love to have as their pet animals. Rabbit tattoos look best when they are inked in pastel colors.

Rabbit Tattoo

65. Tiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos for men, and it is easy to see why. The tiger is a symbol of power, strength, and domination. The tiger is also a symbol of sensuality, sexuality and fertility. All of these things make the tiger a very appropriate choice for a tattoo design.

Tiger Tattoo


Which animal tattoos are lucky?

No matter what type of tattoo you want to get, you will always be accompanied by good luck if you choose the right animal. It is important to look at the rules and symbols of your chosen animal as well as how it relates to you. It is important to know when and where you will be showing your tattoo, so that you do not make mistakes that would leave negative impressions on others for a long time.

Which animal tattoo is best?

Animal tattoos are always fun and cool designs to have. There are many different species of animals that you can choose from depending on your preferences and how you want the tattoo to look like. The animal that you choose for your tattoo should be a reflection of your personality traits and characteristics. If you want to get an animal tattoo, make sure that you research on the symbolism behind each animal species so that you will know what it means.

What do animal tattoos mean?

People have been getting animal tattoos for hundreds of years. It's believed that Egyptian priests used to have animals tattooed on their bodies to symbolize certain gods. Different cultures still use these symbols today as a way of showing their heritage or even as an homage to a lost loved one.

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